Caring for and Healing the Earth


Wilderness Caretaking


"Wilderness Caretaking" refers to healing the Earth and erasing signs of humans' presence in natural and wilderness areas.  Of course, there are differing degrees of wilderness.  Various people may call many different types of areas "wilderness", ranging from virgin forests to heavily impacted logged areas. Generally, here the term "wilderness" refers to areas that are not heavily used by humans, and are more or less in their natural state. Included are areas that have been logged some time ago, from which most signs of the logging have disappeared.

This section does not cover larger-scale caretaking issues, such as wildlife corridors, large-scale impacts, overall ecosystem issues, and the like.


"It is not given to any man to create wilderness - but he can create deserts and has."
- Wallace Stegner



Scientific Research in Wild Areas in a Caretaking Manner 
Walter Muma

Walking in the wilderness in a Caretaking manner
Walter Muma

Wilderness Fireplace Removal
Walter Muma

Wilderness Trail Removal
Walter Muma

Non-Traditional Inukshuks
Walter Muma

Low Impact Camping in the Wilderness
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