Caring for and Healing the Earth

Philosophy of Caretaking

Overall, Caretaking is a "way of being", a philosophical approach towards Nature and the Earth. There are many interpretations of this approach. Here are articles sharing some of them.



Lucinda Kamler

Biblical References to the Caretaker Ethic
Andrew Watt

A Caretaker speaks
Tony Montarro

How Caretaking spans the entire Tracker School skillset

Why Bother? 
Cindy Kamler

The Starfish Story

Listening to Spirit 
Bill Sydor

The Bag 
John Wall

Where the Sun Splashed Gold

Taking Care Before Caretaking 
Susan Skinner

Communicating With the Insect Beings 
Mike Pedde

Joe Zapach


Prayers and Songs

Oh Great Spirit
Prayer, from "The Soul of Nature", by Deena Metzger

The Rape of the World
Song by Tracy Chapman

from the Ojibway nation


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