Caring for and Healing the Earth

Caretaking Experiences


These articles relate people's specific experiences of Caretaking.  These articles could also fit under of "Caretaking Philosophy", or "Naturalization", or some other heading. However, the articles in this section were written to share a Caretaking experience, and thus embody elements of Philosophy, Naturalization, Wilderness Caretaking, etc.  Since each article can cover several elements, they are simply grouped here in this "Caretaking Experiences" section.



Grey Birch 
Susan Skinner

A Question Answered 
Peter L.

Listening to the Earth 
Kevin Tincher

Slow Down and Save the Salmon 
April A. Severin

Living the Good Life, Rent-Free
by Gary Dunn, of the Caretaker Gazette

The Ontario Trackers May/2000 meeting focused on Caretaking. The participants relate their experiences at that meeting on the Ontario Trackers Group website.



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