Caring for and Healing the Earth

The Pine Barrens of New Jersey

This section of the Earth Caretaker looks at the impact of modern society on the area of New Jersey (USA) known as the "Pine Barrens" or "Pinelands".

Update from Kevin (Tracker School), Apr 26, 2002:

Thought I'd give you all an update on the Pine Barrens, the maze in particular.  Because of additional destruction, this past advanced tracking class was altered.  The Anvil and Crucible no longer exist as tracking areas.  We had to find other sub-standard areas. Destruction caused by vehicular traffic has rendered them useless.  There is no more hard sand, and there is no more moss at either location.  We are loosing the battle. Cannot tell about the war.

Kevin Reeve, (former) Director, Tracker School


The Cedar Swamp at the Tracker Camp
Logging and regeneration

New Jersey Conservation Foundation Protects an area of the Pine Barrens
Press Release

Feb '98 Caretaker Class - Update from the Pine Barrens (Autumn 1998)
Walter Muma



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