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Nov 2001 Caretaker Class

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Saturday Nov 3 Morning:
Caretaker Walk with Tom Brown Jr. 
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The last part of this class was a Caretaker Walk with Tom, laid out much the same as the Tracking walk of the Standard Class.  Tom walked along the road through the Boy Scout Camp (the one that runs along the lake to the swim area), and stopped at various "stations", pointing out aspects of the area from a Caretaker's viewpoint. An Instructor, Intern or Helper stayed at each station to explain it to each group who came by.
Station 1:
  • The upper story of vegetation is not in bad shape, but it is hurting.
  • The pines here are not healthy
  • There is not very good cover, forage or bedding here for animals
  • This trail is used by animals mainly to travel through this area without stopping.
  • This trail is prone to slow erosion damage (it will eventually look like Station 3).
Station 2:

I didn't get any notes on this station.

Station 3:
  • This view is looking towards the swamp and lake, showing a culvert exiting from under the road. 
  • The culvert and runoff are causing a great deal of erosion, as well as deposition of gravel washed from the road. 
  • As well, the outwash area is used as a trail, causing further erosion.
  • This is what Station 1 will eventually look like.
  • The road blocks the natural flow of the land, hence the need for the culvert to channel water under the road.
  • This runoff here sends a lot of bad stuff into the swamp below, and is responsible for a lot of the problems there.
Station 4 (photo #1):
  • There is more diversity here, and hence it is a healthier area..
Station 4 (photo #2):
  • Another view of Station 4, showing that there is greater diversity of vegetation along here (to the right).

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