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Alien Plants

Alien Plants are those that are not native to a particular area. There is debate over what a "native" plant is. In North America it is usually taken to mean a plant that was growing here before the invasion of Europeans.

Alien plants may be invasive or non-invasive. The whole issue of alien plants is important because of those that are invasive. An invasive plant is one that "takes over" an area or ecosystem.


Discussion of Alien Plants

Directory of Alien Plants:

Roads Open Up Paths for Weed Invasions
Environment News Service, Apr 18, 2003

Common Burdock - a Kinglet Killer
Jean Iron (Please note that there is some disagreement as to which species of burdock are native or alien)

Alien Invaders Along the Grand
Larry Lamb

Garlic Mustard:

Asiatic Bittersweet
The Monday Garden, December 29, 2002, issue no. 40, by Sue Sweeney

The Monday Garden, October 27, 2002, issue no. 31, by Sue Sweeney

Porcelainberry: Disaster in the Alley
The Monday Garden, August 29, 2004, issue no. 127, by Sue Sweeney

Tree Ivy Secrets
The Monday Garden, February 9, 2003, issue no. 46, by Sue Sweeney

Wolf Moon: Rose Hips
The Monday Garden, January 26, 2003, issue no. 44, by Sue Sweeney

Invaders' Salad: Chicory
The Monday Garden, July 13, 2003, issue no. 68, by Sue Sweeney

Meadow Killer: Spotted Knapweed
The Monday Garden, September 14, 2003, issue no. 77, by Sue Sweeney

Ailanthus: Tree of Heaven and Brooklyn
The Monday Garden, November 16, 2003, issue no. 86, by Sue Sweeney

Shades of Maple: Death by Norway
The Monday Garden, November 23 2003, issue no. 88, by Sue Sweeney

The Monday Garden, October 26, 2003, issue no. 83, by Sue Sweeney

Invaders: Asiatic Bittersweet
The Monday Garden, August 22, 2004, issue no. 126, by Sue Sweeney

Invaders: Barberry and Winged Euonymus
The Monday Garden, May 16, 2004, issue no. 112, by Sue Sweeney

Invaders: Japanese Knotweed
The Monday Garden, May 2, 2004, issue no. 110, by Sue Sweeney

Lesser Celandine: Marsh Menace
April 10, 2005, issue no. 159

Invasive Plants: Killing and Controlling (Them, Not Us)
April 17, 2005, issue no. 160


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