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Nov 2001 Caretaker Class

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Saturday November 3, 2001


Tom talked about many various topics relating either directly or peripherally to caretaking:

  • "safe boxes" of seeds to preserve them

  • tactics employed in the role of "guardian"

  • journaling

  • use of GPS to document things

He then gave an overview of the week's course, touching on the following topics:

  • a caretaker is a healer

  • although the physical knowledge is only 10% of the caretaker's "tools", it is vital

  • the role of prayer, meditation, surrender

  • the "sacred question"

  • auras

  • the role of inner vision as a tool

  • role of protector

  • seeing through Stalking Wolf's eyes

  • seeing through the eyes of the caretaker

  • awareness

  • education is all important to help stop the destruction

Tom then led the class on a "caretaker walk". The next three pages detail this walk, along with the issues he discussed at each stop.


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