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Friday November 2, 2001
Medicine Waters 
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The woods across the stream.

These woods are still very little impacted by the off-road vehicles and partiers.

Looking upstream.

The woods away from the stream. The shrubs aren't dead - it's late fall.
This open pine woods is showing the signs of intrusion by vehicles and people. But the ground is still intact. It's still a nice woods.

A few well-placed concrete blocks helps this patch of grass and other plants shine out as a sign of hope in the middle of a vast chewed-up desert of sand.

Maybe, sitting at your desk somewhere looking at the computer screen, and in spite of being separated by time and distance from the real thing, you can perhaps feel some of the healing power of the Medicine Waters in these pictures.

Click on the small photos below to view movies of 
the Medicine Waters stream flowing by.

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Just before leaving, the class formed an impromptu prayer circle facing the Medicine Waters stream.

Tom Brown Jr and the Tracker School are hoping to purchase the land in the area of the Medicine Waters in order to preserve what's left, and to restore the damaged areas. To this end they have set up a foundation, the Medicine Waters Conservancy.  

The following is from the Tracker School regarding this foundation:
"The Medicine Waters Conservancy is waiting for its tax-exempt status from the IRS.  Other than that, it is an official organization that can accept donations, as long as those donating know they cannot deduct it from their taxes until that status is in.  Tax-exempt status will not happen in 2001; hopefully it will in 2002.  Tom and the Tracker School are also not actively fundraising for this organization until Tom and Debbie have a clear vision for the Medicine Waters and other sacred Pine Barrens land."

Update, Apr 27, 2002:
"Well, the official word is that Medicine Waters Conservancy is not officially a non-profit yet because IRS lost the application that was submitted, so the process is re-started."

Donations may be sent to:
Medicine Waters Conservancy
PO Box 71
Asbury, NJ 08802  USA


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These photos were taken at the Caretaker class in Nov 2001
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