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Nov 2001 Caretaker Class

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Saturday Nov 3 Morning
Caretaker Walk with Tom Brown Jr. 
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Station 5:
  • Here there is a bent and gnarled oak tree. The question posed was: should this tree be removed or allowed to stay. Tom recommended letting it stay.
Station 6:
  • There is a very straight animal trail here. leading off from the road just to the left of center in the photo.
  • Straight trails erode faster than non-straight ones.
  • One solution would be to re-align the trail to make it more of a zig-zag route.
  • Another solution would be to close off the trail (see Station 7).
Station 7:
  • The beginnings of a trail are visible in the center of this photo.
  • This trail should be opened up to solve the problem illustrated in Station 6.
Station 8:
  • Here there is significant erosion on this trail leading down to the lake.
  • Considerable amounts of gravel are being washed down from the road. 
  • Apparently the Boy Scout Camp requires this to be wide enough to bring a vehicle down, so it can't be closed off completely.
  • Getting rid of the straightness of this would help a lot, perhaps rebuilding the access road in a "S"-curve.
  • Shallow steps built into the surface of the road would also help. 
Station 8:
  • Here is a group being shown the problems at Station 8.

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