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Nov 2001 Caretaker Class

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Thursday November 1, 2000
At The Culvert (Page 1 of 2)

Nearby the Culvert a new ATV trail has recently been opened up. It heads straight down an embankment and into the forest. Here is the class exploring the beginning of this trail.

There was not even the hint of a trail here in 1998.

More pictures of this trail can be found on the Wildwood Survival website, Pine Barrens - Culvert section. 

The class gathered at the Culvert listening to Tom.
Dispersing to work on various caretaking exercises.
People at work. 
Starting to work on the stream that leaves the Culvert area. See next 2 pictures.
Before: This stream is threatened by ATVs - they haven't yet penetrated very far, but likely will.
After: Here's what they were able to accomplish in the limited time they had.  The stream has been "un-straightened", and made to look more like a natural stream bed. 

Therefore people are less likely to drive down here.

A good start!

Click here for an update on the condition of the Caretaking efforts done in this area.

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