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Nov 2001 Caretaker Class

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Thursday November 1, 2001


The class went back to the Tracker Primitive Camp and cleared up the huge piles of brush that were created yesterday afternoon.

Collecting the brush from the piles in the cedar swamp area.
Hauling it up the trail to the main area of the Tracker camp.
One guy got pretty ambitious with the amount he decided to carry!
One of the resulting brush piles in the Tracker camp. There was probably 5 times this much in total.
Click here for an update on the condition of the Caretaking efforts done in this area.


Tom Brown then talked about various issues of caretaking:

  • slash/debris in the logged portions of the cedar swamp

  • water flow

  • transplanting of vegetation

  • trail redirection

  • ground cover plants

  • forage considerations

  • disease reduction

  • biodiversity

  • native plants

  • edge area habitats

  • animals


After lunch at the Tracker Primitive Camp the class went over to the "Culvert" area. Here Tom discussed the caretaker's roles of "Protector" and "Guardian".

Some caretaking work was done here.

There's pictures of this activity on the following pages.


Kevin Reeve discussed various aspects of caretaking from a physical perspective:

  • alien species

  • fire suppression

  • disturbed areas

  • mixture of species

  • overgrowth

  • erosion

  • trail complexes

  • monocultures, lack of diversity

  • lack of sufficient cover

  • overpopulation

  • carrying capacity

  • water quality

  • island environments

  • human influence

  • diseases

  • domestic animals

  • pollution

The class was then asked to discuss the above concepts in groups, as they relate to the cedar swamp at the primitive camp.


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