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Nov 2001 Caretaker Class

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Wednesday October 31, 2001


Tom talked about the meditation he taught yesterday, and awareness. Essentially a mini-review of Philosophy 1 class (since that was not a prerequisite of this class).

He described the consciousness of the caretaker.

The class then went out, each person with a partner, and did an exercise trying to feel the healthy and sick parts of trees. This exercise was done blindfolded, so as to help develop the "feeling" of what is healthy/sick with the tree. Pairs of students took turns sensing and leading. Essentially, the object was to sense the tree's aura.


Tom Brown describing how the exercise is done

Leading their blindfolded partner to the next tree

Sensing the aura of a tree

Or a smaller tree/shrub, which has a damaged spot


After lunch the class went to the Tracker Primitive camp. Each group was to do a meditation to determine what was to be done in their group caretaking area (from Monday). Then the groups went out to implement this vision (ie, do caretaking work) in their area.

There's pictures of this activity on the following pages.


Repeat the tree aura exercise of this afternoon, but in the dark, without blindfolds.

This evening a stranger showed up in class just in time for supper. 
"Frank Parsley" strolled about the class giving away free samples of products. However, from his descriptions, these products seemed to be rather useless.

He definitely didn't look like an average Tracker student!

Don't know where he came from, or where he went afterwards....

(Hint: It's Halloween! -- it was actually one of the students dressed up)


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