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Garlic Mustard - Photographs

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Showing the effects of garlic mustard

Here are a few pictures of areas where garlic mustard has completely taken over.
One of the reasons that garlic mustard is so invasive is its ability to shade out and crowd out native species.

As can be seen in this photo, there's really no room for anything else to grow.

Here is a closer look at how it grows.

Often several stalks grow up from each plant. The plants grow tall enough that native plants can't possibly get started because the soil is quite shaded.

These pictures were taken in May in southern Ontario. Notice that the garlic mustard has already become fully grown and is flowering before many (if not most) native plants can even get started.

Here is a dense carpet of first year garlic mustard plants.

Seemingly benign, this entire patch will bolt next spring and shade out all other plants. 


This picture was taken in the arboretum section of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario ("RBG").

This is at Point Pelee National park, on the north shore of lake Erie in southern Ontario, in May 2002.

Many areas of the forest in this park have been completely taken over by garlic mustard, and in many cases, no native plants survive.


Although it seems to prefer forests, garlic mustard is equally at home in fields, as can be seen in this picture of an infested field at the RBG in May 2002.

Again, no other plants can survive in an infested area.



Garlic mustard can grow just about anywhere....


Here's another example showing how densely it grows, the many stalks that arise from each root, and how nothing else can grow with it.

This is at Point Pelee, near the tip of the point, again in May 2002.


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