Caring for and Healing the Earth


by Michael Haines

A Call to Our Duty to Caretake

So they say
    that a happier day will come,
    when everyone has their computer, VCR, TV and microwave
They also say that it's OK
    to pollute the rivers, the land and the air,
    none of which is ours, but merely a most beautiful loan
    with no option to buy. What other creature would so foolishly
    prepare such an awful and toxic harvest!

They say, "As long as we have such convenience
    why should we care about prudence?"
    but, when do they measure the consequence?

People of the earth say nay! By such goals are people misled
    to such gross misuse of such beautiful and unique gifts
    as we've all been given in the earth and in each other!

Either we respect everything,
    or we can respect nothing at all, as all things are related
    and the fate of the All is One.

If we disrespect the ground we walk on
    we are hurting our Mother.
    It's like pouring salt on our own wounds,
    and hurting others as a result.

So please take care and care take.

Poem Copyright by Michael Haines
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