Caring for and Healing the Earth


by Linda Klintworth


Sensing a Change
Rest in Peace

Sensing a Change
This poem was written specifically for Earth Caretaker by Linda.
She says it came to her within minutes after I asked her if she would write something.

I heard the last tree fall, a horrendous sound,
I heard its last gasp, as its trunk hit the ground.
I saw the last animal, writhing in pain
From the atrocities inflicted by "society’s" reign.
I felt the Earth tremble; she gave us her heart –
To treasure; and yet we tore her apart.
I tasted the waters before they ran red
With pollutants and toxins and all kinds of things dead.
I touched once this future – or was it a dream?
I only can tell you; I came to with a scream.

I heard of a man who followed his vision
Teaching others to care was a life-long decision.
I saw Earth children come; and they left with a goal
To not rest ‘til the Earth was once again whole.
I felt all the changes each student was making
By giving instead of forever just taking.
I tasted their victories; they helped save our land
With actions and strength – they each took a stand.
I touched hope for the first time, in the drops of my tears …
…One man and his students has at last calmed my fears.

Bless you Tom Brown Jr.
    and the Tracker Family

Rest In Peace

A place of beauty died today--I shed my useless tears
Over my lack of awareness, that's held me back for years.
My spirit tells me don't regret, what could or might have been,
But still my shame weighs heavily from all the death I've seen

I used to wander aimlessly, among trees and flowers there
And many times, there, I found my peace, which was illusive and oh so rare.
It wasn't much to the physical eye, but my spirit knew its' worth
And every spring would find my there, sharing in its' rebirth.

Now majestic trees lay broken, torn from their mother's loving grasp.
--No one could look upon this horror and not be forced to gasp.
Mounds of earth have choked the plants and the little swamp now dies
Man chose in greed to build more homes---and I heard all nature's cries.

I shed tears of sorrow for the dying--and tears of shame for the murdering living.
Who committed this crime against a mother so giving.
The dying cries they haunt me and fill my soul with pain....
....My heart breaks with the knowing----I cannot go there again.


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