Caring for and Healing the Earth


by Jim Gainer


When the Forest calls to you
Be still, become aware
That it needs a lending hand
Someone to love and care

As you walk with quiet steps
A path doth lead you on
Here and there upon the Earth
Are things that don’t belong

Pick them up, in pocket stow
The Earth can breathe again
As you step, keep alert
There’s more junk, left by Man

A deer a-browsing close at hand
You greet her with your eye
A joyous love begins to flow
Tween the two of you, a sigh

"Thank you for the care you take
Walk soft, be gentle like me
The more you love, and tend the Earth
T’will abound with life, like we"

Poem copyright by Jim Gainer
More of Jim’s poems can be found on the Wildwood Survival web site, Poetry section.

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