Caring for and Healing the Earth


by Lucinda Kamler


Eagle Rescue

Falling In Love

Eagle Rescue

Feather-light, golden in the sun
he tumbled in the wake of a speeding semi,
smashed into asphalt black
as the blackness falling over him.

The eagle lay motionless,
outspread wings limp, fierce talons tamed.
Seeing, her heart was stopped by pity,
and by beauty fallen.

She bent to snatch perfection from crushing wheels
when, golden eyes opening, he pierced her heart
with his wildness.
Her heart sang, calling him brother.

Time passed, full of pain and fear,
human hands and human noise;
dark boxes moving endlessly into the unknown
an untamed spirit trapped within.

Halting flights within a cage,
his ally the air felt foreign to his wings;
strange smells and sounds besieged him
and he longed for dust and sage.

I am ready, the eagle cried,
hearing the wind call his name;
then sunlight pierced his eyes and melted bars,
leaving only sky curving above his head.

In a symphony of heart and muscle,
a song of feather and bone,
The eagle crashed into space, soared into blue infinity,
golden, whole, and free.


Falling In Love
It’s no surprise;
it’s happened before.
There’s a look in the eyes
I can’t ignore.

I’m falling in love,
held in thrall
tiny quail bounces
like a cotton ball;
by ducklings in butter and
chocolate stripes,
elegant loons in black and white,
robins spotted, finches streaked.
They’re playing our song—of squirrel squeaks
hunger rumbles, goldfinch peeps
crow croaks and sleepy cheeps.
Like a lover, I discover
tales of tails,
the roughness of scales,
sharpness of beaks,
the feel of feathers, silk and sleek;
softness of down, warmth of fur,
fragile lightness of a hummingbird.
Falling in love, falling free,
with beauty, grace and mystery,
silver-soft, pregnant hoary bat,
crunches mealworms, getting fat.
Recovered, through star-pierced black,
a race,
she hastens to the birthing place.

Pencil-thin baby gopher snake
arrived embedded in silver tape;
vegetable oil and patience did the trick—
now smooth and slick
shows tiny fangs, mouth fiercely agape.

I raise them, heal them, set them free
watch them die
or help them leave.
California gull,
in gray and white,
stood so tall and fierce, despite
both wings, broken bones
stones by children thrown.
The drug stopped,
your flight.
I guided your spirit
into the light.

Hurt, sick, orphaned, lost—
Here’s my heart,
Forget the cost.
Blue-eyed baby,
your courage wins me,
raven trust and curiosity;
in my hand,
white-throated swift
vibrates with the need for speed;
and, free once more,
the eagle soars,
surfs the streaming,
upward, golden feathers gleaming.
Pear-shaped baby coot,
in dusky down,
like a clown,
falls backward,
pummels my hand
with pale-green foot.
Fluff-ball horned owl
clacks his beak, hisses,
wild, indomitable,
refuses kisses.

They’re falling away
into light or flight,
falling free
as they are meant to be.
My heart aches,
my heart breaks.
A starving hawk, an orphaned rabbit
I give up, can’t kick the habit.

I’m falling in love,

Poems Copyright by Lucinda Kamler

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