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The Pine Barrens of New Jersey

Feb '98 Caretaker Class - Update from the Pine Barrens (Autumn 1998)

Walter Muma

     At the recent Expert Tracking class (Fall 1998) I had the opportunity to examine some of the areas that the Caretaker class worked on, to see how they are doing since then. Also, I was able to ask the Tracker School instructors and various other folks about the effects of what we did.
Lightning Tree: The road access to the Lightning Tree that we blocked off during the Caretaker class has remained blocked off !!! No one has yet tampered with the work that we did there.
Update as of Oct 2001: Still blocked off.
Triangle area: There is a lot of animal activity along the cleared deer trails. This was the area that had a lot of the deer trails closed off by unusually heavy snowfall pushing down the bush the previous winter.
Anvil area: Animals are actively feeding here, and the animal houses that were placed there are being used. There are twice the number of rabbits and foxes there now compared to before the Caretaker class. However, some of the areas that we blocked off to vehicular traffic have been re-opened. Some of the dead trees that we planted to close off these areas have been removed or broken off. However, some areas are still closed off.
The Tracker primitive camp: The young cedars in the cedar swamp are growing very well. The drainage ditch beside the trail to the swim areas is functioning well.

Overall, Tom seemed very pleased with the effects of the various projects that we undertook during that class.


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