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Tony Montarro

Hello Caretakers!

I am 50 pages into the book "Dying Of The Trees" by Charles Little. This is the book that Tom Brown suggested we read several times. I can't stress enough how much we should all read this book once. It is a valuable source of information for ALL caretakers. The reading is not that hard. It is extremely sad and sickening to read what is happening to us and all life in these chapters.

We have more major problems than the daily propagated media presents to us in all forms. For example, the pH balance in the soil is off from the acid rain. I never knew myself soil has a ph balance, and have never heard of this elsewhere in the media discussing environmental problems (remember, whose budget are these scientists and environmentalists on?). The high levels of acids in our global soil is eventually going to create irreversible changes with less trees yearly can only figure.

I can see so many problems now since the caretaker class (Nov 2001), even while driving down the road in my car. It is easy to spot the differing imbalances on a physical level, and I need more practice to see even better spiritually to help fix these problems (there is no balance).

There are few of us, and we need to do our job which also includes educating the ignorance of others. We must also figure how to get points across to them without losing their attention and coming off as typical environmentalists, spiritualists, or tree freaks.... how? Our inner vision will guide us along with our tact.

I plan on building a small earthshelter in the woods in my backyard in a discreet manner. I suggest this to all who can do this even if it isn't hidden and in your own back yard, or, if out in the local woods or park, discreetly. It must be built with all natural materials for biodegrading( no nails, etc ). Hopefully I can almost live in this on some regular basis outside of my apartment to help me adjust more to living naturally, so when i wake up in the morning, I can do my work caretaking the area and also get the training I need to get closer to my purpose of being alive.

This can regenerate a person, and possibly help shed the shelter and be able to sleep outdoors almost all the time under a pile of leaves under proper conditions, and then close friends can or will take a definite interest in this adaptive comforting secret life out there and hopefully join the bandwagon... but not out of trend... please!

This can hopefully captivate others into becoming and serving their purpose on our one earth (we must guide others too).

Read Tom Browns book "Living With The Earth" to get illustrated instruction and direction on building earthshelters.

If you have to cut your lawn, leave a small circular section (8 to 10 feet diameter) uncut and let the wild weeds grow and see what you can do with this mini island (plant a tree on its northern edge, caretake the area). Watch the animate life forms take to this little form of growing balance and hope.

Now that I have the knowledge, I am obligated to fill my responsibility. The smallest acts matter. We must serve from the smallest blade of grass, to all insects and animals before we serve and can serve ourselves.


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