Caring for and Healing the Earth

Contribute to this website

This website exists largely because of your input, in the form of writing articles.  Here are some suggestions about ways that you can contribute to this site:

  • Articles or stories about your experiences with caretaking, things that worked and didn’t work, successes and mistakes.
  • Resources such as books, magazines, Internet sites, people, classes, courses, organisations, movies, videos, CD-ROMs, whatever.
  • Articles or stories about areas that need caretaking, and areas that have been "caretaked" (is there such a word??) by others.
  • Caretaking techniques, whether they be logical or intuitive/spiritual, scientific, or otherwise.
  • Ways in which you have been personally affected by caretaking, or the lack of it, in a particular area.
  • Questions about any aspect of caretaking.
  • Crafts, tools, techniques, materials that aid in caretaking (for example, a particular technique for constructing animal housing).
  • Hints, advice, techniques about caretaking.
  • Book reviews

When you are considering what to write or get others to write, please remember that caretaking is a very wide topic, including basically all ways of caring for the Earth, from a micro to a macro level, and that it involves both the physical and the spiritual.

Please, write something or get someone else to write something. The world needs this information. Together we can help to clean up this wounded Earth.

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