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Native Plant Gardener's Guidelines

Canadian Wildflower Society

  1. Do not disturb native plant communities.

  2. Obtain native plants from seed, garden or nursery.

  3. Buy only wildflowers and ferns certified by the vendors as "Nursery Propagated".

  4. Use plants and seeds which have originated in your immediate bioregion.  Such plants and seeds are best adapted to the local climate, soil, predators, pollinators and disease.

  5. Give preference to bioregionally native plant species in your garden, rather than naturalized or exotic species.  The latter group may escape to wild habitats and interfere with the growth and spread of native flora and fauna.

  6. Promote the cultivation and propagation of bioregionally native plants as an educational and conservation measure to supplement the preservation of natural habitat.

  7. Keep accurate records of any bioregionally rare flora which you are growing to increase our understanding of the biology of the species.

  8. Transplant wild native flora only when the plants of a given area are officially slated for destruction.  For example, road construction, subdivisions, pipelines, golf courses, etc.  Obtain permission before transplanting.

  9. Collect no more than 10% of a seed crop from the wild.  Leave the rest for natural dispersal and as food for dependent organisms.

  10. Use natural means of fertilizing, weed and predator control rather than synthetic chemical means.

  11. Consider planting native species attractive to native fauna, especially birds, butterflies and moths uncommon (yet native) to your region.

  12. Exercise extreme caution when studying and photographing wildflowers in order not to damage the surrounding flora and fauna.

  13. Co-operate with institutions like arboreta, botanical gardens, museums and universities in the propagation and study of rare species.

  14. Openly share your botanical knowledge with the public but ensure that native species or plant communities will not be damaged in the process.

For more information contact:
North American Native Plant Society (formerly the Canadian Wildflower Society)
PO Box 84, Station D
Etobicoke, Ontario   M9A 4X1


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