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Monday October 29, 2001

In the evening the groups made mouse houses. 

The purpose of making mouse houses is to encourage mice and other small animals to move back into an area that they are no longer present in, or to increase the populations where shelter is lacking.  Of course, they also need cover, water, and food. But here we are only dealing with shelter.

You may be asking, "Why on Earth would someone want to encourage mice to inhabit an area?". The answer is simple. Mice are near the bottom of the food chain. By encouraging mice, you indirectly encourage the predators of mice, such as foxes, coyotes, owls, raptors, etc. to also inhabit the area.

The construction of mouse houses is illustrated here and is quite simple. The same principles can be applied to building shelters for larger animals.

Gather thin branches or saplings that will bend without breaking.

Bend these into loops about one foot in diameter and tie them.

Put two or three loops together to form a sphere.

Stuff the hollow sphere with leaves and other natural dry debris.

Optionally, additional layers may be added to make the structure larger.

Here is a picture of a couple of finished mouse houses, with one that has just been started in between them.
A pile of finished mouse houses. 
The mouse houses were "installed" near the Medicine Waters on Friday.

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