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(For more Plant links visit the Wildwood Survival website - Nature links page)

  • North American Native Plant Society - "Dedicated to the study, conservation, cultivation and restoration of native plants. Join us in our celebration of the unique botanical heritage of North America."
  • Wildflower Magazine - "We are dedicated to the study, conservation, cultivation and restoration of North America's native flora from the Panama Canal to the North Pole.
    Wildflower is the only magazine that exclusively features the native flora of North America and is in its 17th year of continual publishing.
    Wildflower explores the art, science and literature of our botanical heritage from the tropical rain forests of Panama to the mosses and lichens of the Arctic tundra.
    In each 52 page quarterly issue, Wildflower features the conservation, restoration and cultivation of North America's native plants. 
    Wildflower believes that understanding and conservation of nature begins in our own homes, gardens and community.
    Wildflower is a forum and catalyst for gardeners, field-botanists, restorationists, naturalists, teachers and all who share the vision to comprehend and preserve our green planet."
  • Seedsavers - "Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization that is saving "heirloom" (handed-down) garden seeds from extinction.  SSE's 8,000 members grow and distribute heirloom varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains, SSE's main focus is on heirloom varieties that gardeners and farmers brought to North America when their families immigrated, and traditional varieties grown by Native Americans, Mennonites and Amish."
  • Terminator Seed Technology explained
  • Alien Plants of Hawaii - a very comprehensive site at the University of Hawaii Botany Dept.
  • Centre for Plant Conservation 
  • Society for Conservation Biology 
  • Ontario Wildflowers - "Our mission is to educate and share information about wildflowers and backyard wildlife with members and community and to promote biodiversity and environmentally sound gardening practices in Ontario."
  • Hawaiian Alien Plant Studies - Articles and a list of alien species impacting Hawaii - University of Hawaii
  • Impact of Alien Plants on Hawai‘i's Native Biota - University of Hawaii
  • Missouri Native Plant Society - has some good photos and links
  • The No White List website; What is the White List?
  • Nature Conservancy article on invasive species
  • EasyLiving Wildflowers - Invasive Plants info.
  • Humber Arboretum (Toronto, Ontario) -- Native Plant List - growing conditions & sources to buy from
  • Go For Green - Gardening With Native Plants: General Introduction Fact Sheet #6






"On this planet we do not have something we can call Nature any more. We have lost it. We do not have Nature we can go back to. What we must do is search for Nature. But human knowledge cannot do it. We can only ask Nature. So we, and especially seed companies in the world, should collect all kinds of seeds on the planet, and offer them to God, Nature and pray. This kind of attitude toward Nature is necessary. Of course, even if we pray, God will not say anything. We may not be inspired, either. But the plants which start growing are God's answer. Nature will teach you."
-- Masanobu Fukuoka

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