Caring for and Healing the Earth

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Environmental Issues & Philosophy

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Ontario and Canada Environmental Issues

New Jersey Environmental Issues




  • Pine Barrens Jeep Jamboree USA - Check this site out!  How the Pine Barrens are being destroyed. This ad for a "Jeep Jamboree" starts with:  "Many rare and endangered species of plants and animals make their home in the Pine Barrens ... in the thousands of acres of virtually untouched pine, oak, and cedar forests...."!!   Well, it would untouched if it weren't for Jeep Jamborees and the like!

Environmental issues - U. S.

Environmental issues - other places, the World, and general

Bogus Environmental Organizations
These are organizations which purport to act in the interests of the environment, but in reality give priority to human and economic concerns.

  • Labor Environment Alliance (no website yet) - USA

  • Toronto Environmental Coalition - this organization was formed in Apr-May/2003 in Toronot Ontario (Canada) to fight a bylaw which was being proposed to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. It is actually a coalition of lawn care companies!! The bylaw eventually passed.

Pesticides, Poisons, Health Issues

Genetically Engineered Organisms

Natural Lifestyles

Caretaking Philosophy

  • Ecocentrism - A collection of ecological, philosophical, spiritual, economic, religious and cultural articles, editorials and reviews inquiring into and exploring the values of, and our duties to, the Ecosphere, natural ecosystems and to their wild species - site maintained by Ted Mosquin

  • Ecospheric Ethics - "An anthology of ecological, philosophical, spiritual, economic, religious and cultural articles, editorials and reviews exploring the values of the planetary Ecosphere, its ecosystems, communities, and wild species, as the source of a new and saving Ethic."

  • Anura - Stop the abuse, Start the healing.  This unique site may be of interest, since when individuals are abused they too often subsequently abuse animals and the Earth. "The best thing people can do to heal the Earth is to heal themselves",  says April, the site's creator.

  • The Ishmael website

  • Derek Jensen - "Derrick Jensens book, A Language Older Than Words, and his website are totally amazing. Derrick uses his experience as a abused child to compare it to the destructiveness of our culture. And how the effect of the macrocosm of our culture trickles down to microcosm in our relationships. Beware: dangerous reading ahead! If this book don't wake you up, I don't know what will." (reviewed by Curt)

  • Protect The Earth - the web site of Anishinaabe Niijii -- a movement of Native and Non-Native people dedicated to protecting the earth for the future generations to come. Niijii was started by Walt Bresette, a Red Cliff Chippewa.

  • Thinking With Nature - an article by Michael J. Cohen

  • The Institute for Global Education


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